Xiao Yi (Massage + HJ)

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Photos 100% Same as person!!! Her Selfie & 抓根 Video is attached below, do check it up!!! 拥有超过10年丰富经验的专业中医按摩师,现在也是好多学生的培训老师,疏解你全身酸痛和疲累!!! 小艺 is a Master Level Professional Qualified Masseuse who has more than 10 over years massage experience, trained in both Chinese Medical and Thai Authentic Massage. This is her first time on our island and I believe we are fortunate that she is here to help all bros to cure all our bodyache with her chinese medical massage knowledge and skills. She is hardworking, has amazing strength, stamina and skills to give you the most powerful and relaxing massage you ever come across. Her full body massage covers almost every part of your body with no short cut at all, fully genuine authentic professional massage. She is also trained in doing Manhood Therapy which will help to improve the stamina of your sexual intercourse. Lastly, she will also provide a little happy ending for you to enjoyed. So what are you waiting for, Massage Lover you shouldn’t miss it, call her NOW!!!


你的希望来了,小艺能够帮到你:颈椎病治疗 / 冰火前列腺保养治疗

Added New Service (新增服务): Capped BJ (戴套口交)

小艺 Selfie Video

Therapy On Cervical Spondylosis (治疗颈椎突出症)
✪ 很多人抱怨整天对着电脑搞得自己颈椎都突出来了,很是苦恼。脖子疼、头痛、胳膊后背酸痛、头晕的现象。
✪ 颈椎间盘突出症指颈部椎间盘因急性或反复轻微损伤使其纤维环破损、髓核膨出压迫颈神经和脊髓而引起一系列症状者。
✪ 中医推拿按摩法。中医文化博大精深,有很多的方法都能很好的改善身体各个部位的不适并起到很好效果的方法。推拿按摩、针灸等方法都能对颈椎突出起到很好的效果。

Ice-Fire JuaGen Techniques (冰火抓根保健理疗)

Her Professional Massage Certificate (专业按摩文凭)

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Geylang (芽笼)

Bio Data
Name: 小艺 (Xiao Yi)
Age: 28
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.62m
Weight: 50kg
Boobs: 36’C’ (Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Upper Body Autoroam: [上半身触摸] ☑
☑ Head Massage (头部按摩): [指压百会穴,三叉神经,太阳穴。有效改善头痛,头晕,失眠,神经不振] ☑
☑ Neck/Shoulder/Butt Massage (颈部/肩部/臀部按摩): [用指压和经络推拿来帮你放松全身的肌肉] ☑
☑ Full Body Acupressure Massage: [全身指压穴位按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Massage (全身经络推油推拿): [用精油来经络推松,搓热,感觉全身轻松,温热。背上的毛孔就会打开,暖解肩膀,腰背酸痛] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage (精油开背,全身淋巴排毒): [帮助血液循环,调解血液阻塞] ☑
☑ Therapy On Cervical Spondylosis (治疗颈椎突出症): [疏解颈椎带来的疼痛,颈椎变形,痛疼,背酸疼等症状] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage (腹部排毒): [通过按压腹中,神阔穴位,改善腹部饱胀,然后推揉,可以排废气,肠胃畅通。最后搓热,抓揉,达 到腹部减肥效 果] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling/Back Stepping (跪背/踩背): [借用身体的重量来帮你松开紧绷的骨] ☑
☑ Coin Guasha: [硬币刮痧] ☑
☑ Cupping Therapy: [拔火罐] ☑
☑ HDLY: [海底捞月] ☑
☑ JG/Ice-Fire Prostate Maintenace (抓根/冰火前列腺保养): [通过搓,揉,按,压会阴穴,可以促进血液循环,排毒,增强性功能] ☑
☑ Capped BJ (戴套口交): [感受你的弟弟被她含在嘴里的感觉,超爽] ☑
☑ HJ (打飞机): Very sensual, you will shoot in no time. ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!! Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage: $90/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ (Room Included)
☞ Due to time constraint, do tell her what service you need, as it is impossible to finish all the service within the stipulated timing ☜

Xiao Yi (Massage + HJ)


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84 Responses to “Xiao Yi (Massage + HJ)”

05/09/2019 Reply

Please book your slots with this gifted masseuse before she leaves SG. I will miss her very much!

20/03/2019 Reply

Great massage!
HJ was very controlled and good

27/02/2019 Reply


27/02/2019 Reply

Really good massage and juagen experience , worth every dollar
And she is very friendly

18/01/2019 Reply

Xiao Yi JG+HJ no horse run,never try never know once u try u will know

11/01/2019 Reply


04/09/2018 Reply

great work on the neck, very good massage. Not a time watcher

26/08/2018 Reply

Xiao Yi.

Excellent massage session for me, sweet looking and very friendly.

Good experience and so lucky can book her, gua heng and HJ was good.

Definitely will rtn again.

26/08/2018 Reply

Xiao Yi, massage sessions excellent services was very impressive by her skills. Not a single messages she repies during the massage session.,gua heng & HJ was good.. Very sweet looking same from the photos she post and very good experience.
Definitely will rtn again.

15/08/2018 Reply

Good massage,lots of cracking of joints..
Very hard working…
Worth $ spend..
JG also good
Massage 9.5
Attitude 9.5
JG 9.5…

24/06/2018 Reply

Tried her for the first time. Great massage. Satisfying bone cracking. She’s gentle and very accommodating. You can chat whatever you want with her. The newly added CBJ was a pleasant surprise as well. The JG and HJ was pleasurable and she ‘tortures’ your didi by not letting you cum so soon. Even after you cum, her hands are still working.

Recommended all bros to visit this gem. Definitely will RTF.

24/06/2018 Reply

Just finished an appt with Xiao Yi, she’s very accommodating and friendly. You can talk to her about anything. The massage was authentic and the bone cracks were so satisfying. The new service CBJ was a pleasant surprise as well. The JG and HJ was very pleasurable as well, as she ‘tortures’ you so you wont cum so fast. Her hands are still working even after you cum.

Recommend all bros to try this gem when she’s here. Definitely will RTM.

03/06/2018 Reply

Have been a returning customer. Have to say her massage skill is on top of the list.

11/05/2018 Reply

Real Pro on:
Massage, Back Problems, Prostrate Care. Must try for massage lovers?
谢谢小艺, 你真的很专业?

03/05/2018 Reply


08/03/2018 Reply

Very good service

24/02/2018 Reply


Xiao Yi’s massage skill is second to none in this industry, she is comparable to the best of massage therapists outside.
But what the outside massage therapists lack, she also provides, the happy ending (with her unique gestures) is a prefect way to end the session.
An experience that should not be missed.

23/02/2018 Reply

Excellent service and she doesn’t rush during servicing. Both of us was having a good chat.
JG and massage is the best that ever encounter. RTM definitely.

我还会回来找她的服务 ??

09/02/2018 Reply

Last min appt & was so lucky that on her acceptance. Excellent massage that serve customer with patience & didn’t answer any call & fully concentrate on her work. Professional massager, knowing which spot to massage & immediately know my problem without me telling her. She shared with me about how to ease the pain like sleeping position, stretching etc.. she don’t look at time, exceeding 60 mins due to JG but she still provide best HJ to me, making me feel relax. Can’t wait to book next appt with her. Best massager to recommend.

30/01/2018 Reply

1st time trying her. Super patient with making me cum. Best experience so far and definitely will rtm when pocket allows.

27/01/2018 Reply

Tried her a few weeks ago. Massage was super awesome and just what i needed.

22/01/2018 Reply

Try her many times and her massage is super.

22/01/2018 Reply

Visit her a couple of times, very good massage which I would rate 10/10. She is one on the massage lady around with the real professional authentic tip-top massage skills. Her JG technique can easily surpassed what other bros kept mentioning about Yue Fang, I would say her JG is so much better and professional than her. Most important, friendly good attitude and not a time watcher.

21/01/2018 Reply

master grade, what’s more to expect?
Not a time watcher and delivered 100%

19/01/2018 Reply

Good service, patient and friendly, not a time watcher. JG is a must try. Definitely rtm.

04/01/2018 Reply

Have been looking for good masseuse and finally found one. 小艺 is very well trained in TCM.
I hardly post MR because most of the gals are full of bullshit on massage and zhua gen.
小艺 is so good that she will know where are the knots and where you feel painful, numb, etc. She does not need to use strength as she knows exactly where to press and rub.
After the massage session, my neck, shoulder, back, hips are all loosen and can feel the blood flow better. No joking. This is the effect for the first try and I shall return every week to maintain the body.
On zhua gen, I had many experience and she is one of them who knows what she is doing. Best part is she take her time to torture with pleasure if you know what I mean.
Overall rating is 9/10.
She is not SYT but body well maintained. So if you really like good massage, please try her at least once to feel what I say.

Desmond Ng
01/01/2018 Reply

visited xiaoyi few days back.
one of the most comfortable massage that I have encounter ..
JG damn solid.. definitely gonna be my regular!!

28/12/2017 Reply

Looks: 6/10
Massage: 10/10 (very experience, well-trained, all the cracking is damn shiok
Hj: 8/10 (Many styles). Will not stop even after u cum
Rtm: Yes yes yes

Location abit far from main road. Easy for ppl who drive

26/12/2017 Reply

Xiao Yi massage skills is excellent. Because i have sore shoulders from days of work i requested for her to help me out. It was one of the best massage I have had. Strength perfect, and she does JG to help me maintained my manhood.

HJ was comfortable, and I love the way she stroke my manhood while giving me CFM looks.

24/12/2017 Reply


20/12/2017 Reply

Booked an appointment with 小艺. When i reached the place and she opened the door. First thing caught my eyes… she is more beautiful than the photos taken. Asked whether can I go for a 90 mins massage she agreed. So after a quick shower, laid face down and she massage me… The massage was superb cos she knows my aching points and went down on them. Very experience… After all the massage she JG for me and was also shiok like heaven… Will definitely RTM…

14/12/2017 Reply

Juz finished a one hour session with 小艺。This is my second visit.
For brothers who like massage and JG, this is the one for you.
The massage, HDLY and JG will give you on top of the world feeling.
JG and prostrate maintenance 10/10
Will definitely RTM.

14/12/2017 Reply

She is a very nice and friendly lady. Easy to communicate & can chat with you anything under the sun. Serious with her job & never answer phone call during her session.
Massage I give her 8/10, really solid massage. When she stroke my bro during HJ, the feeling is so awesome, make me almost shoot out. That stoke is really wonderful which I never experience before (Must really try for yourself, will sure RTM)

08/12/2017 Reply

This girl is very service oriented
If you are a massage lover, please go with her!

07/12/2017 Reply


06/12/2017 Reply

Good massage with excellent Juagen with happy ending. Totally fantastic.

04/12/2017 Reply

Very traditional massage on neck and backbone . Power. Jg no bad . Make the dick till maximum blood

02/12/2017 Reply

小艺服务真好,很高兴认识她。Feeling great with xiao yi service leave like a happy man. Nice atmosphere and great jg

01/12/2017 Reply

The best massage I every had, Will RTM

29/11/2017 Reply

This is hands down one of the BEST massages I’ve ever gotten. Xiao Yi was an outstanding ML and worked out many tight spots on my body. I highly recommended her to all bros out there.
looks: 6.5/10
Body: 7/10
massage: 9/10
neck massage: 10/10
JG: 9.5/10
HJ: 9.5/10

28/11/2017 Reply

Yesterday visited xiao yi for the first time. The 1 hour massage was really professional type and of high quality. She knew where are the stiff part, skillfully unlocking all the stiffness from the neck, to the back, and to the legs. She is professional in doing JG. A must try if you are looking for wellness and care to your manhood. Definitely RTM and worth the money given the quality massage at a nice and cozy room, i like this lady.

27/11/2017 Reply

Great massage.. i will come back for sure!
Kind and Understanding… till next time! Thanks!

26/11/2017 Reply

Just visited xiaoyi this morning. She’s a certified professional masseur. She fulfilled the duration of full 1 hour. Massage every aspect as specified. I liked especially her HDLY and HJ. Very smooth & no rush. Overall quite satisfied with her massaging service & would definitely recommend to those who especially like massage. Definitely going to see her again next week.

25/11/2017 Reply

I have been xiao yi regular. Usually, I don’t stay put with one ML but she always gave me the warm feelings that made me cannot resist to keep on visiting her.

She will maintained her place clean & neat unless she just moved. In general, she is a very pleasant, soft spoken, well mannered and gentle lady.

Since I’m her regular, when I visit her, I will autopilot quickly take a shower than lie down eagerly waiting to be served. Usually, I don’t talk much because I preferred to enjoy her massage.

She is very customer oriented and never rush. From a lot of small little actions you can tell she genuinely cares for her customer, e.g. aircon temperature, repositioning the towels in case you are cold.

Her massage was good and strength just right for me. Among all services that she provided, the sensational one is the hdly & hj, the feeling is extraordinary.

I will kept on visiting her for more massage.

24/11/2017 Reply

Really have a very good session with 小艺, her massage is really authentic and comfortable, she is very hardworking and chatty, so feel like home after a long day work. Please take care of her well, her skin is really smooth.

Massage 9/10
Looks 9/10 same as picture.

Overall damage 10/10

100% worth the money with no regret!

23/11/2017 Reply

Just finished a session with her, she performed everything stated in her portfolio. Very good n she don’t cut corners, she don’t use her hp when she is at work. V good worth revisiting

20/11/2017 Reply


11/11/2017 Reply

Had a neck pain backaching n immediately book appt with xiao yi at 10pm. Her massage strength is 10/10 because she can finger press without massage oil at all .her experiences n knowledge on massaging accupoint is 10/10 … Jg was good with hot stone , ice treatment n even * vibrator stimulating u . 100% RTM

09/11/2017 Reply

Genuine Nice Xiao Yi

She can give GFE and authentic treatment to my Di Di.

All hour standing.

09/11/2017 Reply

Thanks to Xiao Yi for the last min appointment.

Very good and traditional massage, really soothes my aching shoulders.

Juagen was done skillfully and really enjoyed it as well.

Will RTM very soon.

Looks:- 8.0/10 photos don’t do her service
Service:- 10/10 good service award
Location:- very accessible
GFE:- 8/10

xiaoyilover ?
08/11/2017 Reply

Xiao yi is awesome! Real, proper massage with proper technique. The backcracking was my favourite. The jyagen was ok. I was too tired to really enjoy HJ but for me the money is worth simply for the massage. Will RTM for sure!

And she looks better in real life. The photos are weird.

08/11/2017 Reply

Just visited her, she is a nice lady,
Xiao Yi is really good with her massage.
Every press managed to knit away all my aching
JG is also good
Definitely RTM!

02/11/2017 Reply

Xiao Yi is really good with her massage. She was able to reach some really deep ‘knots’ including a knot in my groin area ?
Highly recommend for relief of backaches.

Definitely RTM!

01/11/2017 Reply

Visited her just now. Her massage is really good. She will ask you which art of your body is aching. And she will proceed to massage that area till you feel good and relax.
JG is good, it’s the real one. Not those HJ. She will make sure you empty your army out before cleaning up. She uses fire and ice treatment too. Great feeling.

Damage : $90+$10 tips. Really good massage, hence the tip.
Duration : 1 hr
Have the option to JG twice, but dun want to miss her massage.
RTM : Definitely

01/11/2017 Reply

Friendly & easy to strike a conversation.
Her massages are great and overall service is fanastic.
Will return again.

19/10/2017 Reply

Awesome service!! Very skilled

17/10/2017 Reply

good one

big fan
17/10/2017 Reply

确实十分的专业 感觉和正规中医推拿的差不多了 只不过她身材更好 可以让摸一摸

16/10/2017 Reply

小艺 is by far one of the best masseuse i ever come across, she deliver a high standard of professional massage. Every press managed to knit away all my aching and stiff muscle. She is a good communicator, she will chat with me everything under the sun, when she feel that I need some rest to enjoy, she will keep quiet so that I can fully enjoyed her massage, she really make feel so relaxing. When massage is done, she ask me to turn over for JG, for that instant I hope the massage will never end, because I have never felt such a good massage before. However, to my surprise, her JG is also too damn good, if you ask me to describe I have no idea how to describe, the feeling is so special, not that I never try JG before, but the way she do it is really extraordinary. She told me that I should not have HJ after the JG to maximize the effect, but if I want to HJ, she is more than happy to satisfy me. My eye is staring straight at her boobies, so I told her I cannot tahan anymore, think she knew what my mind is thinking. She unhook her bra, and pull my hands to grab her boobs while she lay close to me and HJ for me. Her boobs is big and soft, most important is natural, to be honest I’m a boobs lover, so how can I let this chance off. So two of my hands kept grabbing and playing with her boobs while she HJ for me. When she sense that I’m about to cum, her moans get louder and ask me to press her boobs harder and I finally couldn’t hold on anymore, ejaculate all my cums on her hands, and she look at me and smile. She help me clean up, and help me massage again while time is up.

I know there are many girls doing massage, but for me she is one of the best!!!

14/10/2017 Reply

As many would attest, she disburses her services with a good work ethic- being my first time receiving a JG, she had been very careful to be gentle and upon ejaculating, she was patient with extracting the ejaculate from the penis, only when she had finished did she merticulouslu wipe off the ejaculate off, her massge had been performed surprisingly with the appropriate amount of strength, clearing away the aches that had been a bother for a while now, and she made a convincing attempt at building rapport with me through conversation (a quiet moment was rare). She is supposedly quite hygienic a person and the state of the house seems to convey that- overall, the house contained minimal furnishing and felt reasonably clean. The location is quite discreet but not difficult to find; tucked away from public walkways.

Her skin soft and smooth, leg muscles were firm, appearance as of this date more resembles the photos of her dressed in white lingerie, tallish, and breasts felt beneath her bra are all natural with extended nipples ready for some light tugging. Despite staying dressed throughout the session in her nightie and black bra (I guess there wasnt much cbohemistry between us), on the whole, it was just as advertised- it was good. Even as I type now, I have yet to wash my hands that still smell slightly of her breasts and nipples.

Have fun.

13/10/2017 Reply

Great massage, especially the upper back massage. It was the best thag J have had encountered so far. Fantastic!

10/10/2017 Reply

Feeling tired I was really looking for a good massage. I ended up being a very very satisfied customer.
小艺 provides 9/10 massage service standard.very professional in her massage
Very pleasant personality, friendly in nature., easy to associate with…. after a hard day’s work, U will feel very relax talking to her.
What more is Actual person is much more pleasant than the photos.
She put in her best effort in all important aspects. I’m sure u will feel relax and pampered
More than enough time will be provided in her service
I’m sure any demanding customer will be happy with her services,
Take advantage of her time in Singapore to indulge her excellent service, u will feel love and being loved!

10/10/2017 Reply


09/10/2017 Reply

Just visited her, she is a nice lady,
not a time watcher,
Service overall 9/10
She’s not that pretty but very friendly lady, massage n JG is awesome, place is nice n clean,
Worth the $, n i will RTM again, so those who visit her plz treat her nice

Mark Teo
09/10/2017 Reply

Have a session with 小艺 two days ago… Only have time to write fr now.. Indeed she is a lady who provides professional massage, never did I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated before. Her massage is really solid, managed to relief all my bodyache and I really enjoyed the massage so much. Her JG techniques is amazing, my wife commented that my dick is hard like rock and last so much longer as before. Will make her my regular to be improved my manhood, thanks to 小艺.

Happy Customer
29/09/2017 Reply

Visited Xiao Yi more than 2 months ago and had a massage with her 2 days ago. She still remembered me and commented that I have not visit her for a long time…give u a GF feel. Her massage skill is really as she can cracked my neck and backbone the last time. And this time, she still give really good massage when I visit again….very enjoyable. Very nice lady to talk to as well. Will return again for sure

18/08/2017 Reply

Great massage, very hospitable.

HJ: Sensual, not mechanical
Look: 7
Boobs: B
GFE: 9
Massage: 10

02/08/2017 Reply

Finally got to back in contact with this GEM! The last time was when she is still in Balestier.
I do not usually post reviews coz i do not see the need to if services not actually as described.
Very good skill massage and actual TCM trained!
Can help u remove your knotted areas w ease, hard part is to relax ?
Its mentioned that she has 10 years exp, but can easily pass off as 15 years exp.
Not the chio chio type but the type that will grow on you and you wished that you have a wife like this.
Not fair skinned but very smooth.
Nice boobs and nipples (not dark and they are perky!)
Not for syt lovers
Very nice figure
If you are looking for an authentic massage session with off loading, look no further!
Please take care of her fellow chiongsters ?

21/07/2017 Reply

if u are looking for a good hard massage, look no further. She got the works, hit all the right notes, professional yet chatty. Confirm RTM

HJ:Sensual, not mechanical
Look: 7
Boobs: B
GFE: 9
Massage: 10

08/07/2017 Reply

Have a good session with xiao yi. Good service, Good Massage, Good HJ. Not a time watcher.
Look: 7
Boobs: 7
HJ: 8
Massage: 9

06/07/2017 Reply

if you want hard and soothing massage she is the one to look for!

definitely well trained and her JG is special in her own ways!

do be nice and take care of her guys!

Massage customer
24/06/2017 Reply

Place is near to mrt. Reach there and take a quick bath before massage. Love how she tackle on my sore areas and did the neck crack which relives alot of my tension away. Massage is really superb and she know what’s she is doing.

Ice and hot stone jg is also wonderful . Overall, a gem For me and surely will rtm.

Rating : 9/10

18/06/2017 Reply

Looks & Figure quite okay.

What i really like about her is her massage skills. Massage skills 10/10
Really solid. She was well train back at her hometown.

Will go back to her for more massage.
Bros out there with stiff body, don’t wait already. Go and have a session with her right now!!!

xiao fei xia
18/06/2017 Reply

Massage skill definitely good .. real solid massage 10/10 .. figure and look are ok .. chatty and friendly .. hj n jg 8/10 .. rtm for sure ..

17/06/2017 Reply

Xiao Yi expertise in her massage skills. If you want a real solid massage 10/10, she is the one!! Also a demure, elegant lady with good gfe feel. Treat her well, & respect her bros..
Rtm: for sure

16/06/2017 Reply

Massage skills really good~ relief me of my aching neck and back. Very good GFE also…RTM for sure!!!!

Orchard noob
15/06/2017 Reply

Fr. report for 小艺 !
Try her today .. Was reluctant to write fr as her skill is too good and wanna keep for myself ^^ top notch service .. Girl is friendly and nice to talk to .. Nv check phone when massage ~! Hj is fucking good .. Please treat her with respect ! As she is first time here!

Face :8/10 .. With a nice smile that melt yr heart , slowly grows on u ! Make u wanna protect her after know her
Body 8/10, small c cup with a little tummy
Massage 10/10 …fucking good .. Crack my back and shoulder .. Make sure all is taken care .. No piano .. Not so hard nor light just nice… Nv take phone call or message ..

HJ :9/10 slow and steady .. Super a lot of teasing .. Will Assrim than hdly
Auto roam : 100% can .. Depend on chemistry

Damage : 100 plus 10 for tips … full 90 mins … Suppose to be 2 shots but end up one shots as her massage was too good .

As she is new .. Please take care her .. Don’t abuse her pls .. She is definitely one of the best ML right now .

11/06/2017 Reply

9am-230pm??? Mean only morning & lunch time??

11/06/2017 Reply

Yes, due to personal reason, however you can call her to check, or make an appointment one day before.

Senior Citizen
07/06/2017 Reply

She is very hard working and provides a solid massage, is gd for people who is looking for a gd solid massage. Person is quite chatty n friendly.

06/06/2017 Reply

Looks: 6/10 (Milf but bother to put on make up so effort is there)
Massage: 9/10 (very experience, well-trained n cover all parts of the body including legs/butt everywhere)
Figure: 7/10 (B Cup)
Hj: 8/10 (Good stimulation)
JG: 7/10 (felt very good)
Rtm: Yup I will rtm for sure

31/05/2017 Reply

Not a bad masseue and works hard. Willing to orboorput in the effort with a nice finishing touch.

26/05/2017 Reply

Naughty Xiaoyi can be. Excellent massage. She knew exactly the areas of my back and shoulder that needed attention . Start with acupressure style fingers on neck , shoulders, back , spine and buttocks. Switch to head/face. Then to cracking. then back to the back with oil using long strokes. Eventually find the buttock and crack and jewels.

Next is flip and JG + HJ. Lasted a long time and could have prolonged but built up the pressure and want to release so encourage her and instruct by guiding her hands on what turns me on.

She obliges and understood my action as I am chicken she is duck. We cannot communicate cause I don’t speak or understand Mandarin.

Thing s worked out .

Looks: pleasant MILF subjective and it KS in my taste
body: slender and well maintained
Attitude: hardworking and receive quite a few message interruptions but I don’t make a fuss as it is work for her.
Skill: best upper and lower back massage I have had! If she can move to do my legs and arms will be perfect.

26/05/2017 Reply

FR for Xiao Yi:

Last min appt and glad that she accepted it. Easy going and talked under the sky, just like your GF. The longer you look at her, the more you find her beautiful (my type).

Not a time watcher, exceeded 60mins, due to HJ, made you wanna come and relax again. Massage lover, pls book fast.

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