Xiao Mi (Msg + Device Therapy + HJ)

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Photos 100% Guaranteed Same As Photos!!! Selfie Video Included!!! 美丽动人性感大奶美女,专业的前列腺保养和抓根,能量按摩仪理疗有效的帮你成为男人中的男人!!! Gentlemen, after so many years, our beloved 小米 is finally back!!! For bros who remember this service orientated pretty busty masseuse., this time she is back with more massage therapy with high technology device for bros to enjoyed, you gotta visit her to experience it yourself. She specialize in Full Body Oil Tuina Massage, Energy Massage Device Therapy and Prostate Manhood Massage. As for the happy ending, you die die must try her sexy body massage combo with her special cock teasing skills which will send you to 7th heaven. I would dare to bet on this GEM who fits all the criteria for “Superb High GFE”, “Massage Lover” and “Big Boobs Lover”. So bros, you shouldn’t miss this tip-top sexy busty masseuse!!


Ex-Ang Pai Busty Masseuse

小米 Selfie Video

Full Body Massage (全身按摩)

Energy Massage Device Therapy (能量按摩仪理疗)
能量按摩仪让男人更男人~调理身体4‎部曲 ➡️做一次能量按摩等于五次传统按摩。通~排~调~补~通。补‎全‎具备!
1⃣ ‎通:通‎的是经‎络
2⃣ 排:排的是体‎内垃圾‎毒素,湿气,寒气,‎瘀堵!
3⃣ ‎调: 调‎的是五脏‎六腑的‎平衡!
4⃣ ‎补:补的‎是气血

Professional JuaGen (专业抓根)

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: River Valley Road (里峇峇利路)

Bio Data
Name: 小米 (Xiao Mi)
Age: 25
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.62m
Weight: 48kg
Boobs: 36’C’ (All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Upper Body Autoroaming [上半身触摸] ☑
☑ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage [头部/颈部/肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Authentic Chinese/Shiatsu Massage [全身中式穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油按摩] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling / Back Stepping [跪背 / 踩背] ☑
☑ Full Body Energy Massage Device Therapy [能量按摩仪全身理疗] ☑
☑ Digesting Healthcare Massage [肠胃保养] ☑
☑ Catbath / Sexy Body Massage [漫游 / 性感调情按摩] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [胸推] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Massage [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ Chinese Thai JuaGen [中泰式抓根] ☑
☑ 99 HDLY [99海底捞月] ☑
☑ 69 HJ [69打飞机] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No BJ & FJ, so please respect her. Other Intimacies Depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage: $110/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ (Room Included)
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜

Xiao Mi (Msg + Device Therapy + HJ)


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20/10/2019 Reply

Best girl ever.

05/10/2019 Reply


I will elaborate and explain in details of her actions. 

Most of the brothers that tried JG before, maybe know that some are more traditional style, and some Thai style. The difference in both is actually the way they perform on grasping and pulling of the veins.. JG is definitely gonna have some kidney and lower body internally kind of cramping effect. 

I’m used to 玲玲姐 traditional style, but 小米 extremely shocked me with her learning talent. Firstly she tries to relax my lower body by kneading and pressing my lower groin area, around dick area, to loosen with acu-pressing. So after relaxing, she starts do rubs and rolls my balls in her warm hands, that was for a starter to warm me up.. 

Then she starts to gently pull my lower balls area, very relaxing and smooth. She increased her strength and explains to me that this part might cramp, which means I might be facing some 前列腺肥大 problem, by rubbing and pulling the veins, it will slowly recuperate and gradually gets better each time. Then she moves to left and right groin, i often go for maintaineace, so she say my areas quite good, not so much discomfort.. 

She then held my dick head and does a pulling effect, Super shiok… 

So she goes alternately between the two balls. As time goes, I can withstand the pulling effect, and starts to enjoy instead. But occasionally she of cause rubs my dick head to make it hard, rubbing the shaft, twisting sometimes. Awhile then moves to my balls and veins again. The whole process took about 15min, of cause not advisable for release, but she wants to show me the there after effect. So she starts to tease me, by rubbing the dick head. 

Tugging me for about 2-3 mins, I requested her to come beside me.. my hands get naughty, and roams from her butt to her waist.. slowly I move to her tits.. OH MY DAMN FREAKING GOD!!!! She has big tits.. About C cup.. Soft and nice.. I just pull down her bra and play with her nipples… Another 2min and …. 


Blasted high and far…. SHIOK DIE.. she keep HJ until fully drained. But I’m still hard.. JG effect… 

Then after which she gave me massage, her strength is definitely the GENUINE & REAL HARDCORE type.. my shoulder and neck got loosen up by her massaging and kneading.. RECCOMENDED to all REAL MASSAGE LOVERS!!! 

Her strength is those DAMN hardcore de, once her hands is on her back, you will know it.. 

Regarding the suction cupping device, she  cups my dick and stomach.. the effect of suction cupping, is very good and instant, my dick got some motion during the cupping.. and my stomach gets relax and smooth too.. 

Lastly she gave me a 海底捞月,I very Long haven enjoy alrdy.. all I can say is shiok.. 

*** 小米‘s suction cupping device is FOC upon request if you want, please check with her and ask for more details. ***

Damage: $110 / 1hr of massage & JG ( you can mix and match the timing yourself )
If you need a release, please inform her..

*** For frenching, its very CHEMISTRY, please don’t force her if can’t french her.. ***

Field Report Done By 小新 ཉ྄ིོུ࿐ོ

小米 – 最强按摩师

I have been supporting Kiki for sometime, as I have a bad backache due to long working hours of standing and squatting. Bro 小新 recco a new one, and highly recco on this masseur. 

Just nice yday I had quite a stiff neck, and I mention to her. Started off with step back, then rub abit on my back. She spends more time on my neck and shoulder, I keep 嗯 嗯 嗯,but sorry, it’s really pain and yet shiok. 

After enduring her push and pull, my neck gets better, but needs time to heal of course. I tried the “ suction cupping device “ I can’t really explain, but brothers have to try to know it, maybe leave to a better bro whose English is better. 

I did get a cupping pump on my dick too. Very new n weird feeling. 

The funniest thing is after the pump, I got so aroused and the moment she handjob me, within 1 min I cummed! I’m shocked! 

Not saying too much, the rest let brothers go explore. Powerful massage indeed! 

By 麻吉弟弟

小米 – 一米阳光

Actually knew her for at least 4 yrs going on 5 and it was such a surprise that she called on me on Monday afternoon. “我到新加坡了”….I was like what “??!!!” in my mind…”怎么没提前打声招呼啊”…and our conversations flow on wechat till we called it off by setting up a massage date that very night since I knew years back how good she was with her hands technique as well as strength. Knowing I am super tired, she promised on new “surprises” 😂😂😂…ha …always like that …never fail to amaze me….this lass[Kiss][Kiss]

Had a relaxed porridge at GL Lor 37 and a good hour chat before we walked back to her appartment. Had a bath and ready for the main course….hehehe

Ok guys..i know what you all are thinking…haha..i think we have plenty of lustful fun on daily basis..but for this gal you really got to have to cast that lust aside a while and put that health part on focus mode for the time being.

She started off with her 15mins of slow rubbing on my back and shoulder blade areas…warming up the muscles, meridians 经络 …etc…before her big “guns” are up. Annoucing softly to ny ears…..i suddenly felt two big plastic conical shapes cupped on me. Introducing the electric cupping devices!!!😂😂😂 As those two cones are placed on my right shoulder blades..i suddenly felt two lumps of meat being sucked and pulled upwards in the cones. Not really painful..more like gentle sucks…yet those sucked areas are slightly warmed up in the process..and the molecules just beneath the skin sort of just flow freely as the meat are expanded…in the process the tension btween the tensed muscular molecules just eased away. “Nice …” the only word that just appear in my mind…haha…and off she went cupping all the different parts of my back.

Ok..before moving on…just some if the key aspects of this electric suction treatment:
a. This adopts a vacuum cupping therapy which is 5 times more effective than manual hand cupping in strength.
b. As there is no direct contact, there is no friction, there will be no abrasion generated unlike the manual method.
c. It stimulates oxygenation and detoxification of blood.
d. Well due to vacuum suction it is also in terms of enhancement of certain body parts[Chuckle][Chuckle]

While she was attaching the plastic cones on my back, i suddenly felt another warmth as another gadget joined the foray. I think it is an infra red scanner that would aid in blood circulation and unclotting blockages…..walau eh…this is king treatment men. I felt so blessed to have her back giving me her best…感恩 感恩🙏🙏

Finally finale…cock enhancement. Basically she had one plastic cone sucked on my lower adominal cock area. Waseh..cb..i almost scared shit in those initial seconds..my cock almost sucked away…[Facepalm]。。。luckily 小米 make some adjustments to a lower tempo..and i slowly get used to it. But saying that that low constant vacuum does have a effect on dickie…it started erected and fuck…the erection seems to get bigger…no kidding u…bigger than normal size…fuck…i dont think i ever saw my mushroom head so big round..and fierce..looks like An A bomb head…if got world war 3..i m quite sure the effect will be majestic😂😂😂…bros try it…i felt bigger after that😝😝😝…of course seeing it so big after the session..小米 gladfully finished me off in her signature cock playing move. As we knew each other for so long..there were some gropes on her nice C assets as well as kisses. Respecting her wishes, I didnt push it further…[Shy]

All in all I finshed that night with a good 120mins treatment. Paid her a little extra 250 in all ..call it support ..call it appreciation…i am thankful for her presence in my life yet again….till then…she will always there..like that first ray of sunlight…ever ready to lighg me up…一米阳光…多谢你….till our next rendezvous[Lips][Lips]

Weige out[Joyful]

01/10/2019 Reply

Dated Xiao Mi this morning 1st slot.
Pics are real 100%
Great attitude and service.
She can do really awesome massage, must try the energy therapy, leading to HDLY with HJ.. there is no reason not to miss this babe. I got more than what I bargained for. Maybe we had better chemistry I guess

Will definitely rtm for 2 hours next time.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Rtm again, what can i say. Love every moment spent with her. Bros out there do support her.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Very authentic massage, one of the best masseur out there to truly serve customers. Best full massage, hdly and jg accompanied by sensual HJ, Left as a happy man. Bros out there please take good care of this precious gem.

Richard Lee
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

News Flash !!!
Beloved Xiao Mi provides really good solid massage.
I remember one such memorable encounter with her. She provided me her best full massage n happy ending which still lingers in my mind. JG prolong my sex tryst n HJ with slow fast pace explodes full blast n dry. Shiok n comfortable

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

RTM Xiao Mi today. Booked a 90-min session. On arrival, she said she wanted to me to try all her services at one go. I thought I had heard wrongly because 90 min would not be sufficient for her to “chut” all her kungfu.

The massage duly started with back stepping followed by a strong back and shoulder massage, the way I like it. This went on for about 25 min, but it was so good that I wished it wouldn’t stop. Then she gave me a facial, first by rubbing some green tea extract on my face which felt cooling and relaxing. She then massaged the eye bags and eyelids for about 5 min, before she placed cotton pads on both my eyes, and a face mask on my face. She said that the face mask had to stay on for 15 min. Instead of idling the 15 min away, she worked on my neck and shoulders for a while, before she did ear candling for me, while waiting for the 15 min to pass. When she finally removed the face mask, I could feel the flesh on my face both smooth and supple, just like what they say on TV, lol.

Then came the hot stone treatment which I was trying for the first time. I was told to lie face down as she held a piece of heated pebble in each palm and started to massage my arms, shoulders, back and buttocks for about 15-20 min. As the heat from each pebble dissipates, she would place the pebble on an acupoint, in particular under the armpits and on the navel. She would then take a new piece to continue with the massage. The feeling of the warm massage was quite comfortable actually. According to her, the effect of the hot stone massage was twice as good as a normal massage. Then she proceeded with the hot herbal treatment, which is by rubbing a bag made of cloth, that contained some Chinese herbs in it, all over my body. This segment lasted for about 15-20 min. The initial contact when the hot herbal bag first touched the skin was almost scalding hot, but once again, when the bag began to lose heat, the procedure was really comfortable. Xiao Mi explained the benefits of the treatment which was to remove toxins from the body.

After the hot herbal treatment, she asked me to turn over, encouraging me to lie on the hot pebbles that were originally placed on my back. Again, she carefully placed a piece of pebble on my nape and another on my spine. She gave me a chest massage followed by a stomach massage for around 5 min, before she did navel candling for me, lasting 10 min, before ending the session with JG, which was what I had gone to see her for. She did two cycles of JG, which lasted for about 30 min. Must say that lil bro feels strong and horny thereafter.

In case anyone is counting, the entire session lasted a full 125-min, excluding shower time! After taking my bath, she gave me a cup of warm water and invited me to chitchat with her. We chatted mainly about her personal problems and I offered her my perspectives on them. By the time we finished chatting, I had spent a full 3-hrs in her apartment. Asked her how much I had to pay her, and she replied $150, which was the price for the 90-min session which I had booked. I disagreed and eventually, she agreed to accept $150+$30 tips. Talk about not being a time watcher, I think there’s no other ML who could beat Xiao Mi! Before I left, she gave me a hug and teasingly said goodbye to my didi.

By the way, according to her, she is now 5 kg lighter than the time when her photos on this website were taken, but the weight loss had zero effect on the size of her boobs.

David Choi
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

As good as what the others have commented.
Top-notch service, good looks and skillful massage. The hot-stones treatment is out of this world; it’s a must try!

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

今天下大雨了 我还是约了小米
天气冷冷冻凉 舒服 加上了她的踩背按摩 来个热石 真爽
再来个facial 脸上光光亮亮啦啦 滑滑. 最后来个海迪捞月 和 抓根出火 整个人轻松快乐了???

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Service and massage is excellence. Definitely a return.
Recommend all bro to try

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Consider myself to have tried many types and different styles of massages whether locally or aboard. And i have never written a review before for anyone. For Xiao Min i had to do this for her. She is the best I had tried all these years. Its a pity she may not be available for long otherwise i would definitely be her most regular supporter. Would make the most while she is still available locally. If you are into real massage, you should call now.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Excellent for all everything that she does!!! If possible can have her everyday, just that vitamin M don’t allow.

Stephen Chow
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Finally got a 2 hours slot with this lady. Actual person looks more prettier and sincere. She offered me a bowl of boil nourishment soup without extra charge upon arrival and we chat like long friends . Oil Massage starts with back n neck follows by Hot Stones treatment and Ai Chow sponge. Then Facial Course pressing of black heads , small pimples etc follow by ear candling . Final half hour she produce her expertise HDLY and JG HJ. I left a happy man and look forward for more next time With Xiao Mi

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Xiaomi is very professional in massage.I love it.Very chatty and friendly…Will book another session soon.
The JG,HDLY services I like mostly.
Good for mEn.
RTM for sure

Steven Lim
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Yesterday visited Xiao Mi again for 2 hours slot. She started with her powerful massage , neck, back stepping etc. Then she provide facial service with my head resting below her big neh neh. Wonderful feel. Follow by Ear Candling and Stomach massage. Next come with Hot Stone massage treatment which marvellous . Then grand finale HDLY JG and HJ
You dun get all above in any SPA in such an ecomical price in an exclusive private apartment

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Overall, good experience.
Strong back massage, facial, HDLY JG HJ in 1 hour.
Bro may ask for 1.5hr or 2hr for more additional services.

Xiao Mi has good attitude and very attentive during work.
Convenient location.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Hey Bros

Our Delicated Adorable Xiao Mi is due to return home soon
Maybe we bros will miss her powerful massage SPA package HDLY JG and her Boobs
During her stint she popular herself as such beautiful and experience massage . I always remember her HDLY and JG which bring me fastasy and estacy
So Bros why wait till she is gone and disappointed . Call Call

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Service is excellent.good massage and delivered on her services. Definitely will return again.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Looks: 8 sure wun reject
Body: 8 Nice body…she has slim down compare to previously
Massage: 10 Try her strength…toooooo gooooood
Juagen: 9 Her juagen is good…could not tahan and almost release my armies
HJ: 9 Superb release after juagen

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:


01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:


按摩一级棒…而且很专业,力道也很到位。很多第一次都献给了她…包括独特的热石水疗,脐烛…颈项按摩仿佛打通我任督二脉,按完后再来个抓根打飞机…damn shiok …. 嘻嘻…


希望下次再光顾小米会有不一样的惊喜…加油…还没try 胸部按摩?

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

One of the best I’ve tried.

You have to try it yourself to feel how amazing it is.

Those boobs n hand job will make u feel u are in heaven.

A must try

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Recently went to book her since reviews of good massage skills.

Looks: Close to Pic but slimmed down recently

GFE: Really attentive & initiates small chats, nice GFE factor

Figure: Slim with nice boobies!

Massage: 9.5/10 (Must put rating haha: Really good & exceeded my expectations as normally frequent MP for pure massage)

Strength & effort is really up there; many treatments done including Back stepping / Guasha / Ear Waxing / Cupping Treatment / Oil Massage (2hr session) No horse run.

Happy Ending: Was done sensually. Take care of her.

RTM: Definitely Yes especially for a solid massage session. Will be back to try her hot stone therapy since exceed time.

Recommend to Bros since she also asked for a good MR & support.

Cheers till next month when pocket replenish…

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:


01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Young, pretty, friendly, professional,
She has certification in TCM and her hot stone and herb treatment is really GOOD!

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

踩背能渗透,抓根超享受。年轻貌美具备了天使脸,魔鬼身材的靓丽妩媚按摩师,超棒的手艺。温馨舒适的环境和和蔼可亲的态度。Superb, great skills, beauty n pretty。she really got the passion to serve and she is good and serious with what she is doing. her massages, hot stone, candle, herb treatment and of course the hj (different angles and speed) are superb…..RTM sure 棒!棒!

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Her service is. Excellent n not a time watcher .Do not miss this gem.

Simon Sim
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

小米出国几天终于回来了 让我久等她怀念她的按摩 热石 踩耳 JG HDLY HJ 。 今天中午约了她俩个钟做足够的配套 按摩更好了 拔罐 刮痧 身体舒服多了。 她也用了她自造的HJ手法 比做爱更加爽 。 她本人不做服务FJ的 请 RESPECT 她
环境也换了更清洁卫生轻爽 新地点 停车方便。新世纪的女人味。
Bros stop waiting.

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

RTM her yesterday…. this time tried the hot stone massage. It is not like those spa where they place the heated stone on the back. XM uses the hot stone to rub my back, rub my tummy, rub my neck and rub my arms. The feeling is wonderful!!!. Esp on the neck, I can feel my blood flows better and not so tired. The neck is not as tight as before anymore.
And she learn new HJ style which is 70% like love making…. she is generous on the oil, with her hands grab together creating a vacuum, I can feel the suction when she moves her hands up and down my dick… in no time, my juice flow and ooze out in between her fingers…
next round… I shall try the Chinese herb bag for massage….

Jose D Sousa
01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Today visited this wonderful skillful Babe at her Clean self stay apartment . Price cheaper than usual SPA centre
Massage Skills improved with many VAT : candling , hot stone, herbal sponging ,
Happy Endings : HDLY n JG bring you to heaven and prolong Manhood
She got her limitations strictly ️no FJ or others ️not mentioned above. Pls respect Her

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

Very good massage..my body is still aching..nice awesome!

skill, 10/10
attitude 10/10
HDLY 10/10
热石按摩 10/10
5形刷 10/10
[艾草薰蒸法 10/10

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

xiaomi.. BEST OF THE BEST.

I have know her for more than 2 years…

skill, 10/10
attitude 10/10
HDLY 10/10
热石按摩 10/10
5形刷 10/10
[艾草薰蒸法 10/10

This time round, she have come back with a lot of new item.. which is good for manhood… she is the best of the best… even without sex..

she is sweet and very lovely which is out of this world…..

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

这次多了热石按摩 让你更加舒服
按摩手法比以前更好 手法力度刚好满意
HDLY- 海地捞月 JG 抓根
HJ 打飞机 给你忘了自己感觉

01/10/2019 Reply

Her Previous Field Reports:

went to meet xiao mi just now, she just had a haircut which makes her even prettier ] guys i have been to different places in hk china macao and sg, xiao mi is definitely in my top 3. her personality , her skills, her services are top notch. i would say she really got the passion to serve and she is good and serious with what she is doing. her massages, hot stone, candle, herb treatment and of course the hj (different angles and speed) are damn good. i think 1.5hour is not enough, RTM sure when i am back to sg. Please respect her and treat her nice bros!

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Was very disappointed after she left SG last year. We kept in touched and was among the first old customer to RTM after her return this year. Booked 2 hour session yesterday and it worth every dollar spent . Tried hot stone, candle, herbs treatment etc. She has so many treatments that one hour is hardly enough to enjoy all! Her JG is out of this world , her stoke is so sensual (better than love making). Her herbs treatment is good for kidney as well. Enjoyed every moment of the session!!!

Baby face
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Her Previous Field Reports:

I was contemplating to cancel over the phone when she told me she might be delayed for another half an hour as I thought the previous customer wanted to extend.

Thankfully she obliged to have me over at the original timing, and boy was I glad not to cancel!

The service and effort she puts in is definitely well worth much more than what you pay for. She has all the special spa services (ear and navel candling, massage to die for, and those HOT STONES).

All in all worth at least a $300 high class spa package. Plus on top of that, GFE that I have never seen before (she prepared some cooked snacks and drinks after the shower!!!)

Looks 9/10 (nothing like what u see in the pictures. She looks more genuine and pretty in RL)
Body 7/10 (a bit of belly fat, but she is mostly skinny with natural C boobs)
Massage 10/10 (I gurantee this will be the best spa session you will have thus far)
GFE – I won’t put a rating on this as its really beyond her job scope. Definitely a keeper.

RTM – YES!!!

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Tried Xiao Mi yesterday for a 90-min session. Quite hard to book as she has many regulars from her previous stints here.

She didn’t use the phone for most of the time except towards the end when she needed to correspond with the next customer.

Chatty and friendly so not difficult to break the ice. As I opted for JG, not sure about how good her sexy massage is. She has a wide array of skills and services (genuine massage/spa services) that she was very keen to recommend to me, all provided at no additional charge! Did a 30-min back massage with back -stepping, followed by a 15-min head massage cum guasha, followed by an eye guasha treatment before proceeding with the JG, which lasted around 30-min, and was done topless so that I could feast my eyes on her more than ample headlights. It was almost as if I was in a high-end spa, which charges $300 or more a session.

She’s definitely not a time watcher as she insisted that I tried her navel candling before I left, despite my time was up, and I still had not taken my bath. In the end, I overstayed for 18 mins,even though her next customer had arrived. Very paiseh to the next bro.

Totally worth the money spent and will 100% RTM.

Looks: 7/10 (80% of photos as a result of losing weight)
Body: 7/10 (slim with slight body fats)
Boobs: 10/10 (34/36 C or C+, all natural, definitely for boobs lovers)
Autoroam: minimally topless upper body, I suspect anything else depends on chemistry (didn’t try)
Massage: 13/10 (definitely pro standard, plus additional spa services not even offered by authentic massage joints, at no extra charges.)
JG: 9/10 (authentic)
Service attitude: 12/10
GFE: 8. 5/10

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Best of the best

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Very committed service, she knows her stuff, good massage with extras. Highly recommend. RTM as I’m typing this.

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Great massage! Young and good body! Chatty! Love it!!!

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Have a very satisfying time with Xiao Mi.
The massage very good & hard with back stepping.
This is the first I try ear waxing & hot stone treatment.
She’s not time watcher. Worth the time & money.

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Her Previous Field Reports:

One of the best massage, sweet and hardworking babe

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Her Previous Field Reports:

小米长客。要是找按摩的就别错过小米了。她的按摩手法非常好能让你完全放松。热石也特别舒服。别犹豫了要是要位又漂亮, 身材好, 手法好的按摩师找小米就对了

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Her Previous Field Reports:


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Her Previous Field Reports:

在还没有开始时 还可以喝到她亲手熬的汤
刚才约了她 她提供了脐烛 功效可以即刻感受到
和她一起让你感觉到时间流逝的太快了 让你放松到忘记一天的压力和疲累

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Her Previous Field Reports:

I agree with all the good FR above, she pretty, sweet, totally gf feel the best and my regular. Because she give her best hand and offer many type for each of us to try. Either for healing or just relaxing, she will go extra mile and every penny spend on her is wroth it,
Location romantic nice unit for your enjoyment. She pick this unit for our benefit.
Take good care of and if you lucky there soup waiting for you if she cook.
Return: confirm plus chop. must try all

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Good massage n hot stone treatment is wonderful. As usual the skill is more better than before.

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Just had an nice appointment with her. She probably is the best massager I ever met and hot stone massage is strongly recommended.

Looks: 9/10
Boobs: 8/10
Massage: 10/10
Rtm: yes

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Her Previous Field Reports:

Best massage ever…. her skill set is out of this world… from point massage to tummy massage with some candle stuff and especially the hot stone massage is damn relaxing… bros out there gonna try her massage out… but she not into FJ so pls respect her on that and enjoy her massage… place in the east and clean…

Looks: 9/10 sweet looking GND
Boobs: C cup
Massage: 11/ 10
Rtm: cfm plus chop

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