Xiao C

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Photos 100% Same as person!!! Selfie Video Included!!! 让你为她着迷的大奶美女,叫床声超淫荡风骚,你绝对无法抵挡她的诱惑!!! 小C is a pretty chio babe with perky tits and complexion is smooth to touch. She will give you a simple massage and a sensual catbath by using her perky tits to arouse your body and cock. She love sucking cock so much and her BBBJ is one of the best i have ever tried. Slow and steady with extremely good suction, she will take her time to lick and suck your cock until you shoot all your hot cum into her mouth. She is accommodating and responsive, look at her horny expression and hear her stereo moaning while you bonk her tight and wet pussy will make you so high and surrender her to her. Do not miss it, call her NOW!!!


小C Selfie Video

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Yew Tee (油池)

Bio Data
Name: 小C
Age: 22
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 50kg
Boobs: 36’D’

Service Provided
☑ Shower [鸳鸯浴] ☑
☑ Relaxing Massage [轻松按摩] ☑
☑ Catbath [舔奶头,舌尖漫游,指划调情,淫推,臀推] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [性感胸推] ☑
☑ Breast Fuck [乳交] ☑
☑ 69 Painting [69舔妹妹] ☑
☑ 69 Deepthroat Twisting BBBJ [舔蛋蛋,69无套口交,深喉360度旋转] ☑
☑ CIM [口爆] ☑
☑ COB [射身,射胸] ☑
☑ AR [毒龙转] ☑
☑ Passionate FJ [深情做爱] ☑
☑ Superb High GFE [超女友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: Anal & RAW, so please respect her!!! ✖

Damage: $120/60 mins/1 shot (Room & CD Included)

Xiao C


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13/01/2020 Reply

颜值 8.8 分 侧面看有古典美人之清新靓丽
身材 娇小玲珑 散发出青春气息
眯眯 天然36C大胸 柔软无骨 摸起来手感超级爽!
舌吻 主动 甜蜜 陶醉其中!
冲凉 陪你前后一起水中浪 又 浴中箫
啪啪 适应任何姿势 看着她一直叫老公… 表情也帶着快感又不失淫荡 啪啪的过程又一连三次带她飞上云端 好有满足感!
态度 友善,一直微笑
回头 肯定的!
整体: 9 分 服务超级棒,值得约。

15/12/2019 Reply


28/08/2019 Reply

小C 是一个活泼可爱的女孩,带着可爱的笑容。她对待客人很温柔,善良,体贴。她的服务很周到,网上写的都有做到。她的服务非常舒适和体贴。我会在几天内继续预约。

28/07/2019 Reply


12/07/2019 Reply

Strongly recommend this lovely girl. Great boobs, great attitude, great moans and not a time watcher. Almost feels like I’m visiting a girlfriend. Will surely etc.

JK ronbin
30/06/2019 Reply

Yesterday meet her,Sexy, pretty and nice babe. Really make you relax and enjoy the session. Her skill is really something you wont experience elsewhere. Will rtm.

27/06/2019 Reply

Hi, i been trying to book her today. She pick up my calls past few day but today totally uncontractable. I really like to book her.

22/06/2019 Reply

2nd visit with her, this time the service was even better. Always look forward to her service. Looks: still as chio Figure: still as sexy fj: this time round was even better!

Young Master
09/06/2019 Reply

Booked her the night before for am session. Arrived on time and asked her for unit number. Sms and even called her but no response. Gave her benefit of doubt if she has a last minute booking, ended up wasting 1 hour. Till now still no response

16/05/2019 Reply

She is the best of the best that I tried.
She has lovely body shape with big boobs (D size), good to suck and eat.
Very similar with the photo and very sexy.
Once you started her mourning makes you more excited.
Must try girl,

14/05/2019 Reply

Dated this girl a few hours ago. Her looks and figure immediately caught my eye when I first met her. her nice figure emits a sense of allurement, making me totally aroused. My little bro got hard in no time. She is devilish in bed, as she uses her pair of big boobs to glide my back and body, while giving me a Long hard bj. After I painted her, she continue to give me a bj while I finger her tenderly, what a surreal feeling! Had my best cowgirl sex for a Long time as she rode me ferociously, with her boobs bouncing in front of my very own eyes. After the deed, she did not rush you off and tries to engage small talk with you. Rtf for sure

a low ah
13/05/2019 Reply

She is a cute and very cheerful gal .hardworking and is very willing to please . She is also very sensitive while painting her, her juice keep flowing and get wet . Having sex with her is like making love to your GF . try flicking her nipples while painting and making love with her you guys will be surprise by her reaction .
Looks 8(cute pretty)
GFE 10 (very willing to please )
Sex 10(very sensitive and wet)
Overall 9(worth every money spent)

11/05/2019 Reply

样貌10/10 和本人一样漂亮 胸部 10/10 天然胸部很大很有手感 服务 10/10 服务到位 口交 10/10 小女孩舔棒棒的样子可爱极了 女友感觉 10/10 真的让我感觉到初恋 兄弟们我强力推荐这女孩给大家

02/05/2019 Reply

Booked a session with her today, services are top notch from the start to end. Her attitude, character, looks & body are of the absolute best, I would give all her services a 100/10!! In conclusion, she’s a sexy & seductive lady which made my money worth while & me a happy man throughout the whole time spent with her. Highly recommended & please support!

01/05/2019 Reply

Nice and private environment / Reply was fast
I personally feel photo and real person look different but still good looking
Soft skin / Nice Big Boobs / Sexy moan

Massage 9/10
BBBJ 10/10
FJ 9/10
GFE 9/10

Give her a try

30/04/2019 Reply

Enjoyed time spent with her. She was quite shock to see the size of my bro. Well the rest u guys imagine urself…1 hr of non stop intimacy…she does have that GFE feeling. Gave her a big hug on my way out… Definate RTF!

29/04/2019 Reply

Location: 8/10
10-15 minutes walk from mrt, easy to navigate to her place.

Age: Mid 20s

Looks: 7/10

Boobs: 8/10

Figure: 7/10

Massage: 7/10
About 10 minutes, no oil was used which I prefer for short massages like this, strength was okay.

BBBJ: 9/10
For me, this is the best part of the session from her to me.
Very good BJ skills, obvious effort put into doing it.
Unlike some that just want to get over it asap.

FJ: 8/10
Her pussy was a little tight and she shivered a few times when I stroke her GS.
We jumped right into it, I know she fake moaned a few times but I didn’t care and thrust her to the best of my ability, did 2 positions and ended with missionary.

Attitude: 9/10
She’s polite and friendly.

GFE: 8/10
She showered me before and after session with some casual conversations in between.
Not too bad, machiam couple that has date for 6 months, slightly just after the honeymoon period.

Damage: 110 and an hour.

29/04/2019 Reply


28/04/2019 Reply


26/04/2019 Reply

xiao c.
She got good sucking skills, lucky my didi can withstand. She suck my nipples, and i suck her nipples as well, then she continue blow me again. I request for 69, she turn over and let me have a good taste of her abalone, no smell, i think it’s good. After that, she cap me and we did in missionary first and after the first pull, i found she’s quite wet already. I told her quite a lot girls say my didi quite big. xD
Then i ask for doggie at the edge of the bed, I hold her waist and thrust her and she was moaning all the way damn shiok. Then i ask for cowgirl, one big mistake coz she’s really good in doing cowgal especially seeing her pairs of big neh neh bouncing up and down left and right, i couldn’t tahan anymore and i was gonna cum already, bobian, faster thrust more she was jumping up and down and I surrender by cumming inside her in the condom. She said “seems like you like to cum bottom :p” hahaha.
She is quite pretty one, pussy quite tight i would say, cos when licking at 69 i almost wanna finger her but i think let her off. lol.

27/04/2019 Reply

Good job bro . Next time fuck her even harder bro.

25/04/2019 Reply

Visited Xiao C few days ago. Has a high GFE and ample boobs.

21/04/2019 Reply

Just had Xiao C this pm. Rather tall girl with ample boobs. Propositioned to have her flatmate to join us for a reasonable sum. Quite exciting. 2nd time had a 2some.

Both girls are pleasant and polite. Treat them well please.

Will be back again.

21/04/2019 Reply

Good svc and smile and attitude. Appearance wise always take with a pinch of salt and you will be happy.

19/04/2019 Reply

nice boobs to grab will doggie. Great sucking skills. Will rtf

Fuck Buddy
15/04/2019 Reply

$110 for a full service, Top notch service. Recommend to bros who love good services and good looks.

13/04/2019 Reply


12/04/2019 Reply

Tall and nice big boobs girl. Her BBBJ is quite good (90%) Worth the money. Got bath together and teasing. Tight pussy, a good fxxk. RTF again

Benson Cheng
11/04/2019 Reply

xiao C is really pretty, hourglass figure and her boobs are good to suck and pressed.
Her below is small and tight. Good fxxk with her!

08/04/2019 Reply

和小c和她的好姐妹双飞了。好棒!两个美丽姐妹服务我。思雅给我口交小c就在我旁慢的恬我,按和玩她美粒胸部。确定和她做爱先。帮我带上套,给我猛烈的口交。思雅就跟我亲密。口交好了就轮到我跟小c做爱了。思雅在我后面推我跟小c做爱。小c叫的好爽而且好听。差一点就射了可是忍住了因为还要跟思雅做爱。思雅帮我换套然后就骑我了。好猛烈的骑啊。小c跟我亲蜜思雅骑我。好爽啊! 换去missionary,小c在我背后抱我跟推我大力的插思雅。越插约快终于射了。能跟这两位美人做爱是我的福气

satisfied customer
06/04/2019 Reply

Had tried this lady yesterday
Very polite and nice chatty no rushing attitude
Service was excellent
No regret … all comment was real and true!

happy man
05/04/2019 Reply

Visited her few days ago, looks like the photo and I must say her sunshine-liked personality bring the best out of the whole session. Her smile is mesmerising and beware you might be KC-ed by her and want to just stay there a little while longer. She is always eager to please and really excellent GFE! Her service is good and excellent customer service ! Will RTF soon!

29/03/2019 Reply

有点肉肉奶大可是我超喜欢她 下次还会再约

26/03/2019 Reply

Let me contribute my FR for her since everybody seems lazy to type these days.
I must say, those who always watch porn videos and love the girl boobs bouncing up and down during doggy,
she those kind that able to fulfilled this stance.
Her bbbj is very smooth without any teeth rub and good suction.
Sextitude is very good..

25/03/2019 Reply

What u see is what u get, made appointment with xiao c yesterday afternoon. Nice body, small nips (I like) and great service. No need to comment further, and I firgot to mention sparse bush below with tasty abslone too. Try for yourself, no regrets.

23/03/2019 Reply

Was kana aeroplane by another girl, so i decided to source for another girl nearby her area which luckily 小C is staying just nearby from my location,
Can feel her skin is very smooth and tight. Young MILF, i love it a lot. Boobs is as what stated, C Cup. Below taste nice and very wet. We proceed into fj without any KY needed, I would rate fj 9/10 in terms of her moaning, look and feel.
Whats more her below is tight, so those bros who want to bonk tight pussy die die must give her a chance to service you. This is certainly 100% true FR !

Daniel Tan
21/03/2019 Reply

Xiao C is a stunning gorgeous beauty, one not to be missed. Her beauty and service are at first class, top-notch standard.

Best of all is her attitude, no yaya papaya feel. Control the mood and paces the session very well. Dont feel rushed at all.

She really is both Beauty and the Beast. Super beauty when go in, a beast on bed. Superb sessions. 100 marks.

20/03/2019 Reply

Xiao C is pretty as in the pics, very attractive. Her seductive manner makes her a winner. Had a threesome with one of her housemates and they had a good chemistry. I won’t go blow-by-blow, if you’ll excuse the pun – they kept up the good service even after I was done – insisted on showering me even though I said I’d do it myself. Left fully satisfied.

19/03/2019 Reply

Is it possible to contact and make appointment using english cause cant speak chinese

20/03/2019 Reply

you can download a handphone App called “Language Translator”.

16/03/2019 Reply

I went to meet Xiao C this afternoon with extremely hot weather. The environment was good with reasonable good air con to cool myself. After taking shower and actions begins. First impression, extremely good skill in everything. Kissing, breast fuck, BBBJ, FJ.
She don’t keep track of time, during your session she does not take any call or answer any message. All her attention is always on you.
Last but not least, super accommodating in changing positions when FJ … I think no need to elaborate the number times or positions we change …..
Look and body figure as per the photo, very good body and worth RTF.
Note: If you call her and she did not pickup, that means she is having customer with her.
Enjoy guys!

Happy SG Man
15/03/2019 Reply

She is what i would call a vixen with big racks. when i first saw her, her boobs were really eye-catching from the black dress she was in.

Xiao C got a foxy look and eyes. i know i was gonna be having a good time. skipped the shower and we had a bit of massaging action. i was purposely putting my hand out to brush against her legs and butt when she massage me.

once i turn over, action starts.. i sat up to hug her and groped her all over her back. squeezing her ass and pushing her big soft boobs against my body. me totally naked while she was still in her dress. it just turns me on this way.

i started to lick her boobs that are exposed.. then slowly pull down her bra to reveal her nipples and i just went crazy. suck and lick her nipples profusely while my hand was squeezing her ass and boobs. i cant keep my hands off her.

lay her down then licked her body all over. pulled up her dress to look closely at her pussy. gave it a few good mins of licking as she let out moans after moans.

cannot tahan already.. put on caps and entered her hard. i think i was too horny seeing her fully exposed boobs. i just whacked hard right from the get go. she told me i am her first customer of the day… haha still fresh and moaning like she hasn’t been fucked for a long time.

bored with missionary, i turned her over for doggie. this is the best position for a big boob gal. seeing her boobs dangle and bounce as u whack her hard from the back. i was sure her next door neighbour would definitely have heard us going at it.

finally cannot tahan anymore, let it all out cupping her boobs hard as i shot everything inside the CD. helped me washed up. gave her dues + tips, and I left a happy man.

15/03/2019 Reply


13/03/2019 Reply


Look: 8
GFE: 9
FJ: 8.5
Service: 9

Xiao B
11/03/2019 Reply

I had an incredibly wonderful experience with Xiao C, without any commercial acting. She got a very innocent shy feeling thats very hard to meet with these gals.
Face – People would stare her a few times on the street 8/10
GFE – MAX 10/10
BBBJ – No teeth feel at all 9/10
FJ – Tight wet no rush 9/10
Do support her!

OMG !!!
11/03/2019 Reply

Oh my God !!! Oh my God !!! Xiao C is definitely my goddess !!!

Very good GFE 90%
FJ 90%
BBBJ 90%
French (she say only allow for me) 90%
Looks 85%

Very nice lady. Please be gentle with her as I want her to stay longer in SG. My only regret in life is she is not my wife. Already falling in love with her.

Will surely RTF these few days

10/03/2019 Reply

Had a session with Xiao C this afternoon, and she was fantastic.
When i reached her place, she opened the door and gave me a hug from behind after closing the door. Then she led me inside her room. The rest is as follows.

Looks: 8.5/10. Very little makeup on but she still looks great.
GFE: 9/10. Very friendly, chatty and will ‘click’ with you instantly.
Boobs: 8.5/10. Big bouncy D boobs. Just right for a boobs lover like me.
BBBJ: 8/10. Slow and sexy, with good suction Gave me a good hard on pretty quickly.
FJ: 9/10. Don’t know if her pussy was tight, my dick is big, need some effort to get it in. At first I thought I went into the other hole. Double check, it’s the tight vagina. Pumped her hard and fast and i came within 15 mins!
RTF: Yes. Not a time watcher.

10/03/2019 Reply

Have a session with Xiao C.
Her BBBJ very good deep sucking.
Boob just nice to suck n press.
Fj was good.
Will RTF soon.

09/03/2019 Reply

Visited her already twice this week! Good attitude with fantastic services!!! Really nice body figure – slim body with soft big boobs. Girlfriend feelings, no rush at all !! She does whatever she had advertised. Definitely a jovial lady who is just out to please. You treat her nice and she will treat u better. I will definitely RTF again.

08/03/2019 Reply

Service is as good as describe.
Look : 7/10
Boob: c
Fun factor: 7/10
Fj: 7/10
Massage skill 9/10

Winterfall Warrior
08/03/2019 Reply

My first session with her and she definitely look better than i expected.
Nice hair with fair and butter smooth skin. For boobs lovers, you will definitely fall in love with her.
Please treat her well and you will be serviced well.
Very high GFE and definitely not a time watcher.

Looks 9/10
BBBJ 9/10
FJ 9/10
GEF 10/10
RTF No doubt about it, yes!

08/03/2019 Reply


06/03/2019 Reply

Very pretty looking OL looking. This girl is so cute and pretty, my cock stand when she strips. Beautiful young breasts with nice nipples. Gave me a nice slow bbbj. Then I painted her until she buay tahan. Then we had a good fuck. One of the best ones in the FLs. She’s a nice gal. Treat her nice too.

05/03/2019 Reply


04/03/2019 Reply

She is petite, slim and lightweight, so you actually can carry her up and bonk. She is super eager to please and will treat you like her lover, you will enjoy every single cent with her. So bro don’t miss this rare GEM, call her NOW!!!

super brat
03/03/2019 Reply

What a gem I bet soon it will difficult to book already cause her service is really good , 1st time kena girl who insist I paint her and lick her pussy. Loud moaning sound when i lick her pussy.

Look : 8.5
Boob : C
BBJJ: out of the world super hardworking
Playfulness: 8.5
Fun factor: 8.5
FJ: tight any position all ok no rejecting for me
Massage skill : 8 …quite good le
RTF: maybe ! If M Power good

03/03/2019 Reply

She has the height of a Model & she is only 22 years old. Look at her photos with pretty make~up. $110 Is NOT expensive, she provides good teasings and BBBJ and FJ. My cock almost burst when she take it inside her mouth. Her sexy lips and tongue keep sucking my cock and her fingers caressing my nipples. Her moaning got rhythm and is music to my ears. already planning my next visit to her.

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