SanSan (Massage + Breast Fuck + HJ + BJ)

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Photos 100% same as person!!! 性感36’D’大波专业按摩美女,顶尖的按摩技术和保健理疗,最劲爆乳交打飞机和口交!!! Calling all massage lover!!! SanSan is a Professional Authentic Masseuse who is well trained with many years of massage experience, her massage is authentic with good skills and techniques. Bros who have aching body, stiff muscle and in need for a good stretched, you know she is the right one to look for, she will make use of her massage techniques and skills to give you the best massage. She is very hardworking and try her best to provide you a real good solid massage. I can 100% guarantee that her massage is really solid with good skills, strength and techniques, totally no short cut, she put in more than 100% effort to ensure you enjoy the entire massage and your bodyache totally gone. She also have the expertise on Guasha (刮痧), Mosha (磨砂) and Authentic Manhood Therapy to help bros improve the health of your manhood. When comes to sensual, she will use her big tits to give you breast fuck, looking at your dick disappear in between her big tits is definitely a sight to behold. Her capped BJ and sensual HJ is another highlight of the session, you gotta try it yourself to experience it. Hurry call her right now!!!


中医中式按摩 / 淋巴排毒

Guasha (刮痧) – 刮痧的好处

MoSha (磨砂) – 磨砂的好处

Cupping Therapy (拔罐)

JG (抓根)

Breast Fuck
looking at your dick disappear in between her big tits is definitely a sight to behold

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Bugis Nearby (武吉士附近)
Environment: Cozy Ambience Room
Working Hours: Daily From Morning 10am Till Night 10pm

Bio Data
Name: SanSan
Age: 30
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.62m
Weight: 53kg
Boobs: 36’D'(All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Full Body Autoroaming [全身触摸] ☑
☑ Nude Massage [裸体按摩] ☑
☑ Shower Together [鸳鸯浴] ☑
☑ Head/Neck/Shoulder Massage [头部/颈部/肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body ZhongYi Authentic Chinese Massage [全身中医穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling / Back Stepping [跪背 / 踩背] ☑
☑ GuaSha / MoSha / BaGuan [刮痧 / 磨砂 / 拔罐] ☑
☑ Catbath / Breast Massage [舔奶头/舌尖挑逗/指划调情 / 性感波推] ☑
☑ Costume & Stocking Teasing [性感制服 /和丝袜诱惑] ☑
☑ Breast Fuck [乳交] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Massage [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ JG [抓根] ☑
☑ 99 HDLY [99 海底捞月] ☑
☑ 69 HJ [69 打飞机] ☑
☑ Capped BJ [戴套口交] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No FJ, so please respect her. Other Intimacies Depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $100/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
❉ $150/90 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜

SanSan (Massage + Breast Fuck + HJ + BJ)


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20 Responses to “SanSan (Massage + Breast Fuck + HJ + BJ)”

Handsome Guy
09/09/2019 Reply

This is my 2nd visit to San San. Simply loves her skillful hands to sooth my body sores and aches. Of course not forgetting the heavenly special that follows. Where else can I get such a wonderful treatment? I am not one who can cum easily, but with her, my release is always fast and furious, hehehe! Simply loves her beautiful melons too, kekeke.

02/07/2019 Reply

Just return from a session with San San, woos I must say very satisfy session. Her massage is superb n really hit the points. Body was relax after the session. Very friendly n chatty. N her place is good. Very centralized n easily access. Will be back.

01/07/2019 Reply

Friendly & easy to strike a conversation.
Her massages are great and overall service is fanastic.
Will return again.

26/06/2019 Reply

Looks: 9/10
Attitude: 10/10 (She’s really bubbly and does her best to make
things comfortable and relaxing for you)
Massage skill: 10/10 (She really knows her stuff, and goes all out instead of just
“playing piano”)

RTM?: definitely; i’ve Visited her twice and I won’t hesitate to
visit again

20/05/2019 Reply

Sansan is very pretty and skillful. The location is discrete and cozy. She’ll make you feel very comfortable and I will definitely return.

Massage 9.5/10
Attitude 10/10
Service 10/10.
Complexion/Body 9.5/10
Overall 10/10

07/05/2019 Reply

Good service. Will try her breast fuck and bj nxt time

01/05/2019 Reply

Just visited sansan. Great technique and service. Location discrete. Will return when ammo replenished

Mr abc
03/03/2019 Reply

Been a regular with San san for over a year. Service never fails to disappoint, massage and sensual is definite a 10. Your money won’t be wasted.

27/02/2019 Reply

SanSan really can give a good massage! If you are looking for a good massage and a good release, please look for her. HJ and looks 9/10, you won’t regret it.

26/02/2019 Reply

Very skillful in massaging and also sensual part also best la. Strong recommendations for massage lover.

26/02/2019 Reply

Good Figure
Nice and Soft Boobs
Overall massage professional
Very friendly
Pretty face10/9

10/10/2018 Reply

Visited SanSan yesterday for 1.5hrs service. (I told her I have injured my neck and shoulder. So she really help to massage to settle 落枕脖子)

Massage 10/10
Attitude 10/10
Service 10.5/10.
Complexion/Body 9/10
Overall 10/10

07/10/2018 Reply




James Yeo
02/10/2018 Reply

Good Figure
Nice and Soft Boobs
Overall massage professional
Very friendly
Pretty face

07/06/2018 Reply

Yesterday visited sansan for the first time. The 90 mins massage was really professional type and of high quality. She knew where are the stiff part, skillfully unlocking all the stiffness from the neck, to the back, and to the legs. Her JG skills is one of the best i have try, a must try if you are looking for wellness and care to your manhood. Definitely RTM and worth the money given the quality massage at a nice and cozy room. Very friendly and pretty lady with big boobs with good massage skill, the best massage I have until now. As for the sensual part, like many other bros have said, it is amazing, try it yourself to find out.

06/06/2018 Reply

Just had a session with SanSan.
Not only she is pretty but she can do really good massage too, definitely one of the good massage lady around.
She’s very friendly, never shortchange the time, I was in and out for 1 full hour.
I try the jaugen, it feels a bit weird, but I know is is a good treatment for my little bro.
After she did juagen, there is not enough time for sensual but I’m okay, next time will rtm again.
Recommended for bros wanna have good massage and juagen for maintainence.
Next time, I must try her bj and breastfuck.

05/06/2018 Reply

Looks wise sansan is a very pretty lady. Massage wise she is skill enough to press on the right spots and she will ask if her strength is enough. Very friendly personality and willing to chat. blowjob and breast fuck is out of the world, i cum alot on her boobs, feel quite paiseh, but she smile at me saying its alright. Do support if u like a pretty and busty lady to massaging you.
Rtm: definitely, as I can enjoyed good massage and a good happy ending.
In general she’s a very good lady. Please take good care of her.

03/06/2018 Reply

Since I started visiting sansan, I have not gone to other girls because she is really value for money with her solid massage skills, she has nice body, huge tits and good service especially her BJ and breast fuck which will send you to heaven. Her gfe is getting stronger each time i visit her. Thank you sgbeautycastles for bringing this gem to our shore, will continue to support your gals, keep up the good work.

02/06/2018 Reply

Sansan is really a pretty gem with huge boobs. She is friendly and got gf feel. Her roaming of using boobs and lick is super when you reach the stage of BJ & Breast Fuck, I tell you it feel like your body and soul have to give in.
Her skill of breast fuck is superb, it feels like fucking her without use any movement and let her do her job.
Just for your information, her massage is authentic and JG skills is professional as well.

Looks 7/10
Massage 10/10
BJ 8/10
Breast Fuck Skill 10/10
Overall she is worth above the price that you pay for .
Will RTM

01/06/2018 Reply


Massage: 10/10
Breast Fuck: 20/10

RTM: Sure, really good massage and service

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