Qi Er (D Cup Superb Chio SYT)

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Photos 100% Same as person!!! Selfie Video Included!!! 人见人爱超漂亮大波美少女,皮肤白皙完美魔鬼身材,深情爱爱和超女友的感觉!!! 奇儿 is a stunning gorgeous looking pretty chio babe that is a dream for all man with all natural huge ‘D’ cup tits and devilish hourglass figure. She has a sweet looking face, flawless smooth skins with really solid petite figure and her beautiful shaped BIG neh neh (o)(o). The moment you saw her, you will be mesmerized by her warming smile and beautiful face, especially her deep cleavage which will give you a huge turn on. On the bed, she will arouse you by licking you from top to bottom and give you a sensual breast massage. She is accommodating to all position and her pussy feel so damn tight, especially her facial expression and her sexy stereo moaning, confirmed makes you go crazy on her. You will enjoy every single minute with her as her GFE is really high. Bros that are looking for uncommercial sex with high GFE, die die must try!!!


奇儿 Selfie Video

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Location: Orchard Road (乌节路)

Bio Data
Name: 奇儿 (Qi Er)
Age: 23
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.64m
Weight: 48kg
Boobs: 34’D’ (All Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Shower/Bath Oral Sex [鸳鸯浴/浴中箫] ☑
☑ Frenching [舌吻] ☑
☑ Simple Massage [简单按摩] ☑
☑ Catbath [舔奶头 / 全身漫游] ☑
☑ Breast Massage / Breast Fuck [性感胸推 / 乳交] ☑
☑ Fingering / 69 Painting [摸妹妹 / 69舔妹妹] ☑
☑ Balls Sucking/69 Deepthroat Twisting BBBJ [舔蛋蛋 / 69深喉旋转无套口交] ☑
☑ COB [射身 / 射胸] ☑
☑ Capped Passionate FJ [戴套激情做爱] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: No Anal & RAW, so please respect her!!! ✖

Damage: $150/60 mins/1 shot (Room & CD Included)

Qi Er (D Cup Superb Chio SYT)


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16 Responses to “Qi Er (D Cup Superb Chio SYT)”

31/10/2019 Reply

Rtf. 3rd time. Getting more familiar, she more horny. Willing to bonk in diff positions, not forget the 69nearly make me cum. Shes wild tis time, grabbing my butt n push me hard, asking me for deep hard bonk. Almost die when cum, both of use breathless on bed. Guess she get more wild when u become rtf cust

31/10/2019 Reply

人很甜美。很有女友的感觉。舔鲍鱼,弄得她一直叫。鲍鱼没有味道。很好舔。都想把她吞下去了。下面很紧,把我大鸡鸡用力的插兜插到她不要要的。反正就是个爽。还赞我鸡鸡插得的很有感觉。 下次再来。

22/09/2019 Reply

Qi Er has the feeling of your first love, high GFE and will make you want to keep coming back for more.
Comfortable to talk to and not a time watcher .
BBBJ 10/10
GFE 10/10
FJ 10/10
Will RTF soon

15/09/2019 Reply

Looks: face is similar, boobs really big for her frame.
Service wise: tip top. Bbbj and fj both good. Can paint and very wet.
Attitude: good.

12/09/2019 Reply

今早約了奇儿美女,本人比照片漂亮,年青美丽, 服务好, 态度友善, 口交一流,爽,水多多,啪啪很爽,很健谈,像女朋友的感覺,跟她玩得满意和很爽 。 各位兄弟,趕快上纲找这美女。

Ah Bang
11/09/2019 Reply

Just come back from 奇儿. She was fucking amazing!! That beautiful body you just keep looking at it. Soft nipples, smooth skin, her huge boobs i can say definitely for boob lovers. She catbath all over my body with lots and lots of tongue play. Next thing i knew she was riding me reverse cowgirl style! Shot my load off pretty quickly after that. Go and give her a try my fellow brothers! Please treat her well, she’s a gem!

05/09/2019 Reply

奇儿 is a very pretty girl with big boobs, great attitude, willing to please. Good sensuous bbbj, enjoyed my time with her, very sextifying.. She is very sensitive when I bonk her and grab her boobs at the same time. I really love the way she moan, make me feel like i’m bonking a pornstar. Have returned to look for her for service several times.

01/09/2019 Reply

Just visited Qi Er last night. Confirmed photos and video are real. Real person look prettier and younger. Her service is great. GFE is excellent. Must RTF
Looks: 10/10 (Same as photos beautiful)
Body: 10/10 (Big Natural Boobs)
BBBJ: 10/10 (Great, licking to nearly cum)
Fj: 10/10 (Responsive and blow your mind)
GFE: 10/10 (She treat you like her BF)
RTF: 120% YES

30/08/2019 Reply

I have tried her twice. She is really beautiful n look like a hk star. As i have came 2nd time, she is more friendly. This time she told me she like me to grab her boobs hard. She turn me on liao. Grab her boobs hard,open her leg, her pussy so cute n clean. Start to lick it hard without even asking for permission. See her so enjoying i feel like swallowing her pussy. When i start pump her hard n deep, her moaning is dam horny. 。 after finished n clean up, she hug me n sai nai like little girl giving me a gf feeling. Really make me fall in love
I will come more often.

29/08/2019 Reply

Meet her today.. it was really amazing what I just experience, especially her D cup boobs. I love to see her on top of me, when I bonk her, her big boobs swinging left and right. I would definitely return to her place again.

27/08/2019 Reply

When i saw her real person. She look so sweet, when start frenching kissing is real type. After that i ask her to bbbj. Man,..very long no tasted such skill. Deep n slurpy type of bbbj. She look at me with horny look will sucking it hard. Den she say honey, so hard n thick, i like it, it makes me want it deep n hard into my little sister. I saw comment abt her sweet little pussy. Straight away i ask for a 69. Wah lau, dem nice pussy when i saw it. Cannot tahan i just eat it. Lick it hard n suck it hard. Lucky i make her shiok until cannot concentrate, cos she have to stop a while to enjoy my licking n my tongue penetrating her little hole. She keep saying i got very power tongue. On n off she moan so loud plus bbbj. I almost wan cim liao. Faster ask her stop. While i gg took rubber, our heart seems link cos she happen to move her hand backward to ask for rubber n yes is while she is still bbbj-ing. She use her mouth to roll rubber into my big stick. Den she wan me to bonk her. I say noe. I wan u on top. She say so big she scare. I say i wan see u pain. She say i am. So bad. She put in to her tight sister, i was like wah, so tight, i can feel her pussg wrap tightly to my stick. Straight away she pump hard n moan super loud. After a few min while i was squeezing her big boobs hard. She say she cumming. Ask me cum tgt. I say no, i wan u cum. I gg to bonk u more longer. She cannot tahan n cum liao. Giving a loud scream. Den she stop with her horny face n say she squire lio. Cannot pump anymore. I turn her over. Start bonk her hard in missionary position. She cannot tahan n keep blocking my tummy from gg to deep. Finally i unload my bullet while she lay there motionless. Very sextifying to bonk her. She is very hot n horny n accomodate to u. N no rush. After bath she lay on me keep praising how well i i eat her pussy. She feel so sluty. I’m coming back for more.

26/08/2019 Reply

Very friendly and accomodating. her boobs is awesome, i love it it fondle it whole day long. Love to smile, once u step in you don’t feel like leaving, marvelous service, having sex with her feels like doing it with gf. Definitely coming back for more!

25/08/2019 Reply

Seldom give comment.
But she is worth it.
One of the most beautiful boobs I have seen.
Can’t forget her body.

20/08/2019 Reply

very good attitude, not a time watcher. very focused on you and does not look at her phone. will support again

very nice figure.

Baron Kirby
19/08/2019 Reply

Was very delighted when met just now, 奇儿 is a complete match to the profile picture. Real life very very sexy, and smoking hot! Her figure is one of the best i seen so far lately. Nice boobs and watery odorless abalone! One look and you will want to up her at the spot. Service wise, absolutely wild and horny in bed. Feels like fucking a porn star! I would think she deserve a higher price than $150. There are lots of girls on the web but this one, i tell you, is a must try! Overall, i would rate a complete 10/10! RTF:Absolutely YES!

15/08/2019 Reply

1st try. Dam chio. Love the boobs n odorless pussy. Just cant stop eating. Super strong suction bbbj. Will try more style nxt rd. Confirm rtf

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