Anqi (Pro Massage + HJ + SM Svc)

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Photos 100% Same as person!!! Selfie Video Included!!! 实力雄厚经验丰富的漂亮按摩师,专业中医经洛推拿和专业抓根,满足你幻想的SM女王调教服务,给你超享受的5☆服务和打飞机!!! Calling all massage lover!!! 安琪 is a pretty qualified masseuse who has extremely good attitude, she has more than 5 years of massage experience, very hardworking with no short change and the right strength and technique to provide you the best complete full body massage. Her massage is so good that I’m sure it will helps to ease all your muscle-ache, tiredness and stress through her soothing hand. Feel the sensation touch of her magical hand while she give you HDLY & HJ and she is also trained to do Prostate Manhood Massage to help improve your manhood. The feeling is so sensual and stimulating that makes you beh tahan. She has many regulars who kept coming back for her massage, so just relax and she will ease away all your tiredness and let you walk out the place fully refreshed and rejuvenated. She also does SM Queen Service, ONLY for bros who are into SM Bondage Queen Service, you know what does that mean!!! Bros that are tired and in need for a real good massage to ease your painful body and a good happy ending, you know she is the right choice to go to. Hurry, call her NOW!!!


Professional ZhongYi Authentic Massage With More Than 5 Years Experience, 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ Service With Sensual Stimulating HJ & Unique Erotic BDSM Queen Service!!!

安琪 Selfie Video

Professional Authentic Massage

Guasha (刮痧)

Authentic JuaGen (专业抓根)

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★ Please tell her you saw her ads on [sgbeautycastles]! 约她时请说在 [美丽城堡] 看到她的广告! ★

Location: Orchard Road (乌节路)
Environment: Large Cozy Room

Bio Data
Name: 安琪 (An Qi)
Age: 26
Looks: Refer to pictures
Height: 1.67m
Weight: 50kg
Boobs: 34’B’ (Natural)

Service Provided
☑ Upper Body Autoroam [上半身触摸] ☑
☑ Semi Nude Massage [半裸按摩] ☑
☑ Head / Neck / Shoulder Massage [头部 / 颈部 / 肩部按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Chinese/Shiatsu Massage [全身中式穴位指压按摩] ☑
☑ ZhongYi Massage [中医按摩] ☑
☑ Full Body Oil Tuina Massage [全身经络推油推拿] ☑
☑ Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification Massage [精油开背,全身淋巴排毒] ☑
☑ Coin Guasha [硬币刮痧] ☑
☑ Back Kneeling / Back Stepping [跪背 / 踩背] ☑
☑ Catbath / Sexy Body Massage [漫游 / 性感调情按摩] ☑
☑ Breast Massage [胸推] ☑
☑ Prostate Manhood Therapy [前列腺保养] ☑
☑ Authentic JuaGen [专业抓根月] ☑
☑ HDLY [海底捞月] ☑
☑ HJ [打飞机] ☑
☑ SM Queen Service (BDSM) [SM女王调教服务] ☑
☑ GFE [女朋友的感觉] ☑

✖ Strictly NOT Allowed: BJ & FJ NOT ALLOWED, and service not listed here, so please respect her!!! Other Intimacy depends on your chemistry with her!!! ✖

Damage (Room Included)
❉ $110/60 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
❉ $160/90 mins/Full Body Massage + 2 x HJ ❉
❉ $150/60 mins/Full Body Massage + SM Queen Service + 1 x HJ ❉
☞ Due to time constraint, it is impossible to finish all the service within the time frame. So you may mix & match the services within the stipulated timing ☜

Anqi (Pro Massage + HJ + SM Svc)


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16/08/2019 Reply

Anqi, is a gem and provides good massage, juagen and catbathing. She is not a time watcher and you will get value for the money you pay for the time. I had a wonderful 90min service from her.

She is very attractive, slim and have a fit body.

Her location is discreet and assessible and the environment is comfortable.

09/08/2019 Reply

First time writing a comment.
A nice and cozy place. Greeted by anqi with a big smile. Stunned initially its really her(as per pic) in person. The massage was really good, if u are looking for a good massage it’s a rare gem.
Will return for sure.

09/08/2019 Reply

Very good massage that helped me feel relaxed. Definitely rtm.

Steve Pang
08/08/2019 Reply


01/08/2019 Reply

Looks more better then pictures.
Service is good.
Can bring out for a date and you won’t lose face.

23/07/2019 Reply

Anqi’s massage is awesome! She has real skills! She also has a very charming smile and genuine personality putting you at ease. Looks better than the photos. But underneath it all hides an SM queen… I was curious so she described it to me in her lovely voice… What a turn on! Might just try it when rtm.

20/07/2019 Reply


20/07/2019 Reply

I went to look for Anqi today. She was prettier in person and she was very friendly. Her massage was amazing and she doesn’t rush. She is a really sweet girl and I really enjoyed my time with her. She’s really a 10/10.

12/07/2019 Reply

Yesterday I visited this beautiful and lovely lady. wow! worth every $$. below is my humble review of Ms AnQi:

Massage: 10/10, very professional, she will adjust the strength based on your liking. very relaxing
Juagen: 10/10, very enjoyable, teasing, ticklish, and finished off with an awesome HJ.
HJ: 10/10 catbath while performing sensual HJ, really heaven feeling.
Looks: same as pictures, 100% accurate
Body: tall, slim, and nice figure.

plus points: apartment is very clean, room smells good, even the pillow smells nice. Anqi smells nice also. even her breath smells good.

treat her good guys and support her. i will definitely RTM.

昨天我拜訪了這位美麗可愛的女士。 哇! 價值每一美元。 以下是我對安琪女士的簡單回顧:

  按摩:10/10,非常專業,她會根據您的喜好調整力量。 非常放鬆

  加分:公寓很乾淨,房間聞起來很好,連枕頭都聞起來很香。 安琪聞起來也很好吃。 甚至她的口氣也很好聞。

  善待她的好人並支持她。 我肯定會RTM。

11/07/2019 Reply

Went to an qi today. Overall a very enjoyable session. Massage surprisingly good and hard. Sensual part is top notch as well.

I like the location too, convenient for me, yet exact spot is pretty discreet, perfect location.

11/07/2019 Reply

安琪 is my regular masseur because I enjoy her relaxing massage for my tired body. I just have a 90-minute session at her new place.
Her new place is about a 12-minute walk from the MRT station. The place is clean, quiet, discreet and private because she is staying alone.
She offers a variety of massage services, but my personal favourites are oil body massage, prostate care and “grasping the roots”.
Friends, give it a try. You will surely enjoy her relaxing massage technique.

她刚搬到了一个距离地铁站约12分钟步行路程的新地方。 她的地方很干净,安静,谨慎和私密,因为她是一个人待着的。
朋友们, 试一试 吧。您一定享受他的轻松按摩技术。

01/07/2019 Reply

Must give thumbs up for this gal
her massage is very authentic, and really very good,
make me totally relaxed after the session,
and her JG is the least painful of all those I tried.
Her massage skill is really no horse run…
Very good GFE…Must try
Will definitely rtm soon

28/06/2019 Reply

Had 90min session with her last night, she look better in person compare to photo.
Her massage is on point, Hj no rush and know how to tease you. Rtm most likely.

15/06/2019 Reply

When is she going back?

09/06/2019 Reply

Texted her at about 11pm for a 1am slot.
Still as hardworking. Never short change. Very good massage. I like the head massage after the hJ. Have the crack neck relief. Shiok. A lot of style w the hJ. Bit shy when I started to sensually tease her. Very friendly girl. Very clean place. She would wear something presentable when welcoming u. Then she change into lingerie when massage. When sensual, she is top naked.

I am very happy w her service. Can RTM anytime

09/06/2019 Reply

Booked an appointment with Anqi 😜

Looks-7 foxy  😀
Body/Boob- tall & slim, B cup nice & soft
Location- Area N

Massage-8.5 she does this for a living back at home so she is really good in it, she is very attentive too as she keep checking whether the strength is enough or not

JG-8.5 a bit discomfort at the start maybe because i haven’t done JG for a long while but from her techniques can see that she is really good at it. Recommended for those who need to mantain their tool😃

HJ-8 she quite acoustic and she made me hard very fast, the hj was done sensually and not in a rush

Rtm- definitely, she will be here for another month only

08/06/2019 Reply

Went and had the sm services today and it was really good. she looks better then the photo. look young and pretty. services is also good no rush . would recommend to give a try . she has a nice body too.

09/06/2019 Reply

Sm service???

01/06/2019 Reply

Try anqi

Massage – 9/10
One of the best I ever had after siyu and xiao Yu
She really know her stuff very well. The point she press just hit on my right spot

HDLY – 8/10
Almost at the point of ejecting but some how she know when to stop .

HJ – 9/10
Although I took quite a while to cum she is so patient with me and keep smiling asking is it shiok anot .

Attitude – 10/10
Friendly but not over chatty . The head massage is a plus bro should request it after your HJ . It helps to relax your big head

Rtm – yes definitely . Hopefully she can stay long

30/05/2019 Reply

I just have a one and a half hours massage session by An Qi. The body massage is good as it helps to relieve my stiff shoulder and backache. But I really enjoyed her prostate maintenance and “抓根” massage that come with a happy ending.

我约了安琪做了一个半小时的按摩。 他的全身按摩很好,因为它有助于缓解我僵硬的肩膀和背痛。 但我真的很喜欢她的前列腺保养和“抓根”按摩,给我带来了一个快乐的结局。

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